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Live streaming classes coming soon

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed the content that

I have sent out to you so far.

I have finalised a timetable and I will be live-streaming my classes for you very soon.

For streaming the classes I’ll be using Zoom. You can download zoom for free and use on your phone, tablet, laptop

or PC.

Here is the link to Zoom:

If have any question regarding the zoom please let me know.

On Saturday 4th April at 10 am I’ll be running a free 30 min stretch session for

everyone to check if everyone can log in and see and hear me well.

The new timetable for classes :

General Pilates Class on Tuesday at 8 pm

General Pilates Class on Wednesday at 10.30 am

Better Bones Class on Wednesdays at 2 pm

You book into your class ‘as normal’ and 15 mins before the class you will be sent an email link that you can click to join. Make sure you have space to lie-down comfortably and you can see and hear me clearly.

I can make changes to the timetable so if you would prefer some other options of times please let us know and I will try to accommodate.

Prices: To pay for the classes you can simply use your prepaid block of sessions. 2 online classes for 1 class of your block. If you have finished your block you can purchase classes online: 1 class £ 7 6 classes for £ 36

Please let me know if you have any feedback

I really hope you enjoy your class!

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