Pregnancy Massage 


At Berrylands Pilates, Aga helps a lot of mums-to-be suffering from back pain. A pregnancy massage can bring instant relief as well as helping you feel more relaxed. The benefits of a pregnancy massage, include:


  • Improved circulation – by stimulating the flow of blood to the body, a pregnancy massage can ease discomforts such as leg cramps.

  • Improved muscular balance – postural changes during pregnancy can cause muscular imbalance and pain, especially in the lower back.

  • Relief from Back/Sciatic pain – lower back pain and sciatic pain are very common during pregnancy. Massage can help alleviate back pain.

  • Alleviating headache tension – massaging the neck and shoulders can help alleviate sinus pressure and headaches caused by tension.

  • Reduced swelling/oedema – Oedema is a build-up of fluid in the body, which can cause the affected tissue to become puffy or swollen. A massage can improve circulation and lymph flow to these affected areas and help to reduce swelling.