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Sport Rehabilitator and Pilates instructor

I studied Sport Rehabilitation at St. Marys University College, London. Since beginning my career in 2007, I have helped many with joint and muscle pain or a sports-related injury to regain full mobility and function. 

In 2015 I worked for the MOD at the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre in Headley Court, Surrey. Rehabilitating injured soldiers with complex injuries helping them to return to active duties or if they are leaving the forces with their transition to civil living. 

In 2014 I worked on the Ladies European Golf Tour, treating professional women golfers, helping them with pre and post-event musculoskeletal problems. 

I have always enjoyed sport and started playing handball at the age of 12 and while studying at the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, Poland. I played at national club level. I became passionate about exercise and its role in maintaining a healthy body. I went on to specialise in the use of exercise as a tool in rehabilitation and maintenance of muscular balance, function and flexibility. 

I went on to specialize in treating injuries, pinpointing the root cause of the pain and enabling clients to reach their maximum potential. I treat clients, children as well as adults with sport related and non-sports-related issues. I work comprehensively with my clients to overcome pain or disability caused by injury. I also teach them how to prevent further injury.


I really recommend Aga. She is brilliant. I recently had a baby and have been suffering with an aching back and neck. Since seeing Aga I feel so much better. She has also helped my husband who had a leg injury.

Puja, Surbiton 

I have had the great pleasure of having rehabilitation treatment with Aga for the past 3 years. She is a very lovely and extremely professional lady.

Jacqueline, Kew

Aga has always helped me to recover from injuries by not only releasing the pain but getting to the source of the problem. I highly recommend her.

M. Singh, Kew

Aga has been coming to me every week for two years. I enjoy her company and she is highly skilful, both in Pilates and rehab.

Liz, Chiswick

Being in my mid 50s, it is a bonus to train with Aga as she challenges me so that I feel invigorated after our sessions, not totally exhausted, plus she is able to treat little "niggles" that creep in from time to time, using specific exercises or manipulation. Her sports massages are also a great tonic.

Helen, Kew

I have been going to the GP referral exercise classes run by Aga for a number of years now and I would highly recommend her. She is endlessly patient and ensures that our small group gets individual attention where needed.

Catriona, Hammersmith

The treatment I've had has achieved its initial target, liberating flexibility where before there was stiffness and discomfort. But crucially Aga has taught me simple exercises that are really beneficial - so in a pleasant sequence of visits we've developed a partnership that's helping me improve my body, with an impact on my whole well-being.

Lawrence, Chiswick

Over the last year I have seen Aga three or four times. I cannot recommend her highly enough. During our sessions for a particular issue, her diligence and professionalism led her to heal an old injury that after several years of visits to osteopaths and many fees later still hadn't been resolved. I rate her so highly that I recently recommended her to an eminent neurologist for his patients. If I could, I would see her on a weekly basis.

Mina, Kew

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