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Berrylands Sport  Rehab 


Benefit from my functional and comprehensive approach to diagnose, treat & rehabilitate musculoskeletal injuries.

My Approach 

My aim is to enable clients to be pain-free and reach their maximum potential in terms of movement and flexibility.
My approach is aimed at identifying and treating the root cause of the pain and in turn relieving symptoms and preventing further injury. Muscles and joints form a complex interconnected web. Tightness or weakness in any area of the body can affect the way we move and perform. If left untreated these factors can lead to further problems elsewhere in the body. 
The key to correction is first and foremost a professional diagnosis, followed by treatment and rehabilitation, a combination of specialist therapies.


Sport Rehab Sessions 

Sport Rehabilitation Treatment 

Studio & Home visits  

These sessions are for the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries.

During your initial appointment, I take a medical history and examine you to assess and evaluate your injury. Once I have a diagnosis, I will create a tailor-made treatment programme to address the root cause of the pain and will start the treatment straight away.
Each client I see will have a unique injury or issue, treatment will be tailored to their needs. This will usually involve a combination of therapies. I specialize in soft tissue massage, spinal and peripheral mobilisations, dry needling, taping, exercise programmes and postural re-education.

Home visits are available within a 10-mile radius of KT5 in Surrey, but an additional charge might apply.

Sports & Remedial  Massage 

Massage Therapy 

Studio or  home visits

Sports and Remedial Massage is a great way of alleviating muscle tension, joint stiffness and relieve pain. The benefits are often immediate. Regular massage can help to avoid injuries caused by overuse and maintain good muscle flexibility and health.


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