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Free taster pilates session

Pilates classes, try a FREE taster session.

Why Postnatal Pilates?

If you have just given birth and not sure how and when to start.

If would like to get back body you had before your pregnancy.

Why General Pilates classes?

If you have a chronic pain and fear that if you start an activity that symptoms will get worse.

If you simply want to get stronger, toned and improve core strength.

Come and try a FREE Pilates class led by Aga, a sport rehabilitator with experience working in NHS, MOD and with pro sportsmen and women.

- Class times -

Postnatal Pilates classes - Wednesdays at 9.30 am

General Pilates classes - Wednesdays at 7.30 pm


Surbiton New Life Baptist Church, 6 Langley Road, KT6 6LN

To get your FREE taster class or for further details, please contact Aga:

- 0784 359 0895 or

- please use code FREET 18 at the checkout

- go to for more details

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