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**Free Postnatal Pilates taster class**

Ideal for new mums or any mums who still have weak core / pelvic floor muscles.

Day / time: Wednesdays at 9.30 am

Location: New life Surbiton Baptist Church

If you want to discuss whether the class would be suitable for you, please get in touch (details below)

To get your FREE taster class or for further details, please contact Aga:

  • 0784 359 0895 or

  • please use code APRIL-FREET at the checkout

  • go to for more details

I also offer a general Pilates class, please check out my website for more details.

About me:

I am Aga Waszkielis, an experienced Pilates instructor and Sport rehabilitator.

I teach all types of Pilates including antenatal, postnatal and general Pilates classes at Boco studio in Surbiton.

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