Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I have suspended all my classes at the church. Now I am offering online Pilates classes, home visits and studio appointments for 1:1 pilates, rehabilitation or massage treatments.

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      Pilates & Sport Rehab 

      Rediscover the joy of movement

Berryland Pilates 

At Berrylands Pilates, instructor Aga Waszkielis offers specially tailored classes and one-2-one sessions to aid rehabilitation and fitness.


 Berrylands Pilates’ classes are designed for all levels and abilities to improve muscular strength, flexibility and posture to keep you fit, healthy and most importantly moving without pain.


If you suffer from back pain, a shoulder or sports injury, or just want a friendly environment to maintain your postnatal fitness, come and rediscover the joy of movement at one of Aga’s Pilates classes in Surbiton,the KT5 area.


Berrylands Pilates is run by Aga Waszkielis, a qualified Pilates instructor and Sport Rehabilitator.
She trained with the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute (APPI) to teach pilates for ante-natal, post-natal general pilates, strength & balance classes. She believes that everyone of any age can benefit from structured exercises, and become stronger and fitter. She is qualified in Sport Rehabilitation, and specialises in treating musculoskeletal injuries focusing on the root cause of the pain not just the symptoms, enabling her clients to reach their maximum potential and teaching them how to prevent further injury.


Classes we offer 

At Berrylands Pilates, we offer a variety of classes to meet all levels and abilities.

Online Pilates Classes 
Mondays 11 m and Wednesdays 10.30 am 


Pilates class for all levels and abilities.

Focusing on strength, flexibility, posture, with particular emphasis on core muscle control and body alignment.​

Pilates isn’t just about lying on a mat. It’s about exercising the whole body in a safe and calm environment. An APPI-trained instructor, Aga will help you find the right level for you to benefit from a pilates class.


Online Strength and Balance Classes
Wednesdays 9.15 am  


The class is designed to strengthen your muscles, improve your bone health and your balance

and is suitable for people with osteoporosis, osteopenia, and osteoarthritis.

The classes are run by Aga Waszkielis, a Sport Rehabilitator and Pilates instructor who has experience working in the NHS and MOD with people who are living with long-term health conditions.

1:1  face-to-face and Online Pilates Sessions 



For a more tailored focus, Aga is an APPI-qualified instructor who can teach you Pilates in the comfort of your own home.

I  can work around you and your family to come at a time that suits you.
Home visits are available within a 10-mile radius of KT5 in Surrey, but an additional charge might apply.

Online Postnatal Pilates Classes 

Exercising with Baby

Postnatal Pilates sessions can help your whole body recover from the trials of labour.


Especially tailored exercises will help you to heal abdominal muscle separation, reduce lower back pain


and improve pelvic floor strength.

These sessions can also help prepare and strengthen the upper body for all the lifting and carrying you


will do with the baby in the months ahead, helping to improve posture and any back pain.

Bring your baby with you !!!